Veterinary digital imaging powered by Purview now on VitusVet mobile app


VitusVet announced today a partnership with Purview, a medical imaging platform, to introduce accessible veterinary digital imaging to users of the VitusVet mobile app.


Veterinary Digital Imaging Available on VitusVet Mobile App“Purview has a patient driven approach and their mission to break down information silos matches with ours,” says Mark Olcott, DVM, MBA, CEO/ Co-Founder of VitusVet. “Pet owners love the new experience and they share it with their friends and family. This word-of-mouth movement drives new clients for our veterinary practice partners.”


The partnership will provide VitusVet pet owners the opportunity to view veterinary digital imaging directly from their phone and easily share it with family, friends and other veterinary practitioners in case of emergency.

“By collaborating with Purview and adding their image viewer to our app, we continue to innovate and provide the best user experience to pet owners,” says Kalpesh Raval, MBA, CTO/Co-Founder of VitusVet. “No more burning of the images to discs. Simply download the app and get access to your pets’ digital images on your smartphone and tablets.”

Veterinary Digital Imaging Available on VitusVet Mobile App


“The partnership and integration between VitusVet and Purview combines two powerful technologies, providing a new approach to accessing medical records. Our robust, reliable and secure platform will help VitusVet scale faster,” says Les Trachtman, Managing Director, Purview.


Adding veterinary digital imaging access to the VitusVet app will be the first time pet owners can readily and easily view x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds taken of their pet, instead of having to carry around and store large print-outs requested from their veterinary office.


About VitusVet
VitusVet was founded by Mark Olcott, DVM, MBA and Kalpesh Raval, MBA, in 2013 as a solution to better share medical information among general practitioners, emergency veterinarians, specialists and pet owners. The consumer-facing mobile application allows pet owners to access to their pets’ complete medical information from their smart devices, and share copies instantly with other veterinarians, friends/family, or boarding kennels. VitusVet’s mobile and digital compliance tools not only save lives but also make veterinary practices better businesses.

To download the free VitusVet mobile app with veterinary digital imaging, please click here


About Purview
Purview is a patient-driven medical imaging platform enabling physicians and veterinarians easy and affordable access to medical images as an integrated part of their patients’ health record wherever and whenever they are needed. Purview’s technology empowers healthcare professionals and patients around the world with immediate access to x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans and other veterinary digital images. Its solutions operate on the web as well as with standard, off-the-shelf hardware. The company’s products are powered by its flagship cloud software platform, Purview ViVA. Radiologists, neurosurgeons, oncologists, orthopedists, cardiologists and other specialist physicians, as well as veterinarians, rely on Purview’s proprietary technology to view, read and share medical images for diagnosis and treatment. Its patent-pending technology is intended to better coordinate all aspects of a medical record and increase patients’ engagement in their own healthcare.




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