Purview releases publisher capable of synchronizing medical imaging records


Annapolis, MD – Purview, the patient-driven medical imaging company, announced today the launch of its new medical image CD burning solution, Purview Publisher. Unlike other medical image printers, Purview Publisher offers a unique way for patients to coordinate their medical records by allowing physicians to print a proprietary QR code directly onto a CD which synchronizes patients’ medical imaging to their health records. Patients are thus able to leave a healthcare provider with both a physical hard copy of their X-Rays, MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds in CD form as well as mobile access to view, share, and coordinate their records.


Mark D. Baganz, M.D., Medical Director of Chesapeake Medical Imaging endorese Purview Publisher

Dr. Mark Baganz, Medical Director of Chesapeake Medical Imaging

“Coordination of medical information is of paramount importance to patients today,” said Dr. Mark Baganz of Chesapeake Medical Imaging (CMI). “As the region’s premier medical imaging facility, we provide radiological reads for over 400 patients a day. We are seeing that more and more patients are frustrated with their scattered medical records and are demanding the ability to have more control.”



Up until recently, Chesapeake Medical Imaging, based in Annapolis, Maryland, used a product to publish disks that often malfunctioned, requiring substantial IT maintenance and delaying patients’ access to their critical medical information.


Phil Jackson, Purview Publisher product design lead

Phil Jackson, Purview Founder

“We started working with CMI to develop a CD publishing platform that would be bullet proof for its patients. The result is Purview Publisher,” said Phil Jackson, Founder of Purview. “Purview Publisher is a robust solution that provides a professional look, function, and increased reliability for healthcare providers such as CMI.”

By syncing with electronic access to medical imaging, Purview Publisher enables patients to be the stewards of their own medical records and strengthens Purview’s existing suite of image access solutions. Purview Publisher integrates with the company’s flagship product, Purview ViVA, which currently provides cloud-based DICOM image access to physicians for over one million patients globally.


“We have been thrilled with the success of the Purview Publisher in providing critical diagnostic information to patients and referring physicians in a coordinated fashion. We will be converting all eleven of our facilities over to Purview Publishers before the end of the year,” said Dr. Baganz.


About Purview
Purview is a patient driven technology company focused on enhancing how physicians and patients view, access, transport, archive, and share medical images, such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds. Purview’s mission is to improve medical outcomes by enabling rich diagnostic data to be viewed and shared anywhere, anytime on any device.


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