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If you want the most powerful medical imaging viewer at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your existing system, then Horos is the choice viewer for you. Whatever your medical image needs, Horos is the alternative to your expensive legacy solution.

Purview supports Horos and can provide the integration needed to vault into the world of cloud-based image access and storage.

Horos Support

With Purview’s award winning support service, you get timely, complete system, professional support for your Horos implementation. Our 24 x 7 x 365 support service saves time and money, letting you get back to practicing your profession.

We’ve got you covered.

You can now also be trained by the experts at your pace, on your own time. Try out Horos Academy in English, Portuguese, or Spanish today!

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Horos Academy is now available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Veterinarians love Horos... and Purview, too!

Animal care professionals combine ViVA with Horos.

The Cloud in veterinary care

For a long time, veterinarians and animal care providers used file sharing services and CDs to access and make medical images available to clients and colleagues. Why? Because anything else would be too expensive and wouldn’t be able to integrate… until now.

Purview ViVA is the cloud-based medical image storage, access, and viewing solution that integrates with Horos as well as your practice management software. This inexpensive, comprehensive solution is the reason why vets love Purview.

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